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About Dresses With Pockets

Our Story

"It has pockets!"

Compliment a woman on her dress, and if it has pockets. that's almost always her first response.

But why is that so? We think it's because it's so rare to find a dress that contains pockets, much less functional ones, that their presence winds up overriding all other aspects of the garment.

And we find that sad.

Everyone should have clothes that make you feel happy, AND are functional. And at Dresses With Pockets, we want to help you find that.


Our Mission

The truth is that there's actually a large number of manufacturers who put pockets in dresses-- we've found more than a hundred.

Unfortunately, it's a slog to try to find the perfect one for you- first you have to find the manufacturer, then you have to search their inventory, then try to find it in your size.

At Dresses With Pockets, we want to at least speed up the search. By gathering all those dresses into one place, then providing a faster way to search, we hope to cut down the number of steps it takes to find that perfect dress.


How You Can Help

Above all else, spread the word. The more people that use our site, the more pull we will have to work with manufacturers to get better data and improve our content.

Next, buy dresses! Our site functions on a commission basis- we only get paid when something is sold, and we don't want to run ads. Buying something from one of our manufacturers, even if it wasn't the item you originally viewed, means that we can stay up and running.

Finally, if you do purchase a dress with pockets, please come back and review it-- because of the large amount of inventory that we're trying to carry, and the speed with which manufacturers add new items, there's simply no way for us to buy and review every dress ourselves.

You can help out your fellow shoppers by posting your review of the dress, and most importantly, the pockets-- are they only good for a pair of keys or a tube of lipstick, or can you actually get a phone in there? Or perhaps it's big enough for a phablet?

Sharing that information will go a long way towards helping others make a decision, and will eventually give us enough data to allow people to search by pocket size.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck finding your next perfect dress!