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Think of us as a search engine, just for dresses with pockets. We have gathered data from multiple web sites, and put it all in one place.

So instead of having to look at 5 different sites to find that perfect dress in your size, you can do it all in one place.

We are just an aggregator at this point. To purchase an item, just click on the link that says "View on Manufacturer's Web Site" and you will be taken to a page where you can make a purchase.

Eventually, we would like to manufacture and sell our own original designs, but we'll need to sell a lot of dresses before we can make that happen.

Each manufacturer lists colors differently-- for some, there's only one color per dress. Others may have up to 70 colors available for a single dress!

When you search for a specific color, but see something different, it's because that dress has multiple colors available. It just happens that the default color for that dress is different than what you searched for.

At some point, we hope to be able to tie the search color back to what appears in the search results, but for right now, rest assured that if you click through to the dress, the color you searched on should be available.

Manufacturers like their exclusive colors. We currently have over 150 different unique colors in our database, which would clearly be impossible to put into a simple filter.

To simplify this, we have mapped those 150+ colors down to 13 basic colors. We literally have over 40 colors that map back to "Blue."

So if you searched for "Blue", but wound up with "Sky", that's what is going on.

It's also likely that we don't have images in the exact color that you searched for. We mostly rely on the manufacturers for that, but in some cases (like when there are 70 colors available), we don't list all the images because it would take forever for the page to load.

When in doubt, click through to the manufacturer's site for the best information.

Since we are not selling anything directly, the sizing information is not active. It is primarily displayed to let you know if a particular size was out of stock at the time we obtained the data.

It will also change if certain sizes aren't available in a particular color/fit combination.

The data on our site is not gathered in real time-- we periodically poll the manufacturers in our system to update our information.

This means that prices, sizes, colors, fits, or even the product itself might not be the same when you click through. They might have sold out of a specific size, a sale might have ended, or they might simply have discontinued a particular product.

We do try to keep our information as up to date as possible, but unfortunately, it's never going to be perfect.

We're international! Some of our manufacturers are based in the UK, hence the UK pricing. But don't worry, they deliver to the US, it just might take a little longer.

At the moment, you can't- you favorites are only stored in a cookie on your device.

We will eventually provide the ability to register for the site with an email address, at which point your favorites will be associated with that login, and available across multiple devices, but providing a login requires significantly more security. At the moment, we're concentrating on other features before allocating resources to that project.

Unfortunately, we can't always get this information from the manufacturer.

We do our best to try to infer it when we can't get it directly, but sometimes we just can't figure it out from the data that we have.

We know that this information is important, and will continue trying to get as much accurate data as possible for each item.

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