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Leggings and yoga pants with pockets that actually hold a phone
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Get ready to say: "Thanks, it has pockets!"

We've scowered the web to find clothing with pockets— then did our best to ensure that they were real, functional ones.

The result? Over 10 thousand items, from over 45 manufacturers. From leggings to wedding dresses. Pockets for all shapes and sizes. Pockets for all occasions. Pockets for all activities. #pocketsforall

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Our Goal

We believe that everyone should have clothes that make you feel happy, AND be functional. At Dresses With Pockets, we help you find that.

That's why we've worked to put together a site with what we believe to be the largest collection of dresses with pockets ever - over 5000, to be more precise.

But we're not just dresses— we've got over 1500 skirts with pockets. Need a prom dress or formal gown, but don't want to give up your pockets? We've got over 800.

Looking for a place for your phone while you exercise? Check out our leggings and yoga pants, all of which have a real pocket to keep your electronics safe.

Prefer a little more freedom during your workout? Our skorts have you covered, or less-covered, as the case may be.

The young woman in your life isn't left out either, with over 350 dresses and skirts with pockets for kids.

We've even got something for your special day too, with nearly 100 wedding gowns, all with "Pockets for snacks!"

With quality, new inventory added monthly, we hope to be the first place you think of when looking for pocket dresses and skirts.