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Small Business Spotlight

Small Businesses Rock!

As a small business ourselves, we know first-hand the joys (and agonies) of running your own small business-- struggling to find customers, wishing that you could throw money at a problem to make it go away, the thrill of seeing a new sale registered.

So we wanted to take a moment to call attention to some of the other small businesses on our site. While they may not be the biggest contributors to our overall inventory, they're some of our favorites.

Check them out below!



Known for their unique approach of "crowdsourcing" their designs, Betabrand is all about turning ideas into clothing, rapidly.

But they're also equally well known for their social media presence, and irreverant attitude-- yoga pants that you can wear as dress pants? Yeah, they made them.

Vist their web site at www.betabrand.com, or click here to shop their collection of clothing with pockets.

Field Day

Field Day

Based out of Oakland, CA, Field Day's goal is to make you feel good about what you wear.

Featuring reclaimed and locally-sourced materials, and with all work performed in Oakland, they hold a belief that's very dear to us- that no dress is complete without pockets.

Vist their web site at www.fielddayapparel.com, or click here to shop their collection of clothing with pockets.

Maya Kern

Maya Kern

Self employed comic artist, illustrator, and musician-- and much, much more.

When Maya turned her attention to clothing, she did not mess around, advertising skirts with pockets "large enough to hold a Nintento Switch, and maybe a small cat."

Those are the sort of pockets we appreciate, although our small cat may not. *

Vist their web site at www.mayakern.com, or click here to shop their collection of skirts with pockets.

*(No small cats were harmed in the coding of this web site. Although one did just fall off the desk most adorably.)

Pingup Girl

Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing doesn't view what they do as just clothing, but rather as a way of life and a world view.

The Los Angeles-based, female-owned company makes it a mission to apply the ideas of body positivity and inclusion with everything they do.

Vist their web site at pinupgirlclothing.com, or click here to shop their collection of dresses and skirts with pockets.



What happens when a pilot gets annoyed that someone has to forego dancing to stay at the table and guard everyone's valuables?

You get Qdai, the first fashion line to focus on providing SIX pockets in a dress, three of which are big enough for a large phone, and two smaller pockets that zip up to keep everything secure.

Vist their web site at qdai.me, or click here to shop their collection dresses.

Superfit Hero

Superfit Hero

With the motto "Fitness is for Every Body", Superfit Hero designs all their products to provide ultimate confidence, no matter your sport or size.

Another Los Angeles based company, their clothing is ethically manufactured locally, and aims to be the most inclusive premium activeware brand on the planet.

Vist their web site at superfithero.com, or click here to shop their collection of leggings with pockets.



Founded by two former ThinkGeek employees, Svaha will always be near and dear to us as the second company on our site.

Originally founded when the pair of moms were frustrated with the lack of clothing options for kids who liked things that weren't "gender traditional", their unique STEAM desgins proved so popular that they expanded the line to include women's clothing.

Vist their web site at www.svahausa.com, or click here to shop their collection quirky clothing with pockets.